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M4CQB SIJUN electric shell ejection blowback gel blaster 7mm sponge bullet 7.5mm water bomb

M4CQB SIJUN electric shell ejection blowback gel blaster 7mm sponge bullet 7.5mm water bomb

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A comment from a fan I tried to translate into Japanese as much as possible, some technical words are not standard, sorry:

Introduced by the director, everyone, the friend of the discussion is not born.
Previously, the book of the planets had reached 600 multi-story books.
It is possible to say that after the nuclear explosion.

Speaking of SIJUN, there should be no one on this bulletin board who doesn't know about it.
Our last forum post received over 600 replies.
After the epidemic, it can be said that it occurs only rarely.

No matter what kind of product it is, it is a very high-quality sexual attraction.
In an era when there were about 200 cases of single-handedness in China, it was only about 300 cases when the administration was dismissed.

We believe that partners who have purchased any of SIJUN's products before are attracted by its super high sex-price ratio. At a time when the single barrel kit required over 200RMB, Shishun was over 300RMB for the entire gun.

At first, I was surprised to find it on the market. Dear all, Thank you for your review, and I have submitted many comments for improvement.
I was surprised at the speed of the teacher's improvement,
Every single product, the city's heart-to-heart gamer's opinion, and the city has been improved with a small detail. In this kind of environment, we can wear clothes at this kind of house.

I was amazed when it first came out. After everyone's evaluation, many improvement opinions were also submitted. Zhao Jun surprised me with the speed of improvement, every product, every patient patiently listened to the opinions of players, even the smallest details were unexpectedly improved. I was impressed that there was such a manufacturer in such an environment.

Such as mk18, m4cqb, hk416, the capital is the choice of many new friends

Currently, Zhijun's mk18, m4cqb and hk416 are also the first choice with many new friends entering the pits

It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time, and I'm very excited and hopeful.

Now that the over a year long preview is finally complete, I am very excited and hopeful.

There are many unavoidable factors in the TOP system, and TOP JAPAN's products have a direct failure, and in some cases, one battery pack and two thirds. Introduced in Japan and not accepted.
Due to the large number of nuclear explosions, the large environmental foreground is unacceptable. At the same time, LDT Washi has reached the top of the playability, which is a good match for the shape demand. LDT SE series launched last year, filling in the blanks. I got it for the first time, and I didn't have it at that time. It is only possible to beat the dragon, and all aspects of expression are generally satisfactory, and it is possible to say that it has completely transcended TOP JAPAN (cannot be excluded) at the same time. I'm just looking at the bottom,

The TOP system has many uncontrollable elements, and TOP JAPAN's former products often break down, and one magazine card may be used 2-3 times. Not very popular in Japan. Because the epidemic just happened to return to the country, the environmental outlook is not optimistic. At the same time, LDT and Zhijun saw that TOP's playability just met the needs of the current situation. LDT launched the SE system last year to fill the batting void. I got it first too, but at the time there was no lvl. There is no choice but to improve Niron's body, and the expressions in all directions are generally satisfactory, and it can be said that it completely exceeds TOP JAPAN at the time (except that it cannot be fired), but at the same time there are a few problems in the first group. can not deny. Next, I will only tell you what I have encountered.

1: bolt
2: The plastic steel polishing is very large, and when the polishing is completed, there will be a situation that will not be accompanied by the association.
3: Nilong and the two included box materials passed through the box.
There are still other possible friends, but there are other minor issues, and there are only a few cases where it is not possible to communicate.
The late SE is always perfect, and now this basic attack has been completed.

1: bullet that can not be hooked
2: Plastic cartridges wear a lot, and if the wear increases, they may not be hooked.
3: The material of the two nylon magazines is soft and cannot be popped occasionally.
Other friends may have other minor problems, but they are not common unless they are comorbid.
Later SEs are constantly being improved, and by now these issues should have been mostly captured.

Of course, homologous products should not be excluded from the same scale. An interval one year supervised train schedule. Today's open box, I'm going to make a detailed comparison of this trivial issue.

Of course, it must be inevitable that the same product will compete on the same platform. Shishun's electric throw becomes a big shot for the first time in a year. In today's unpacking, I also do a detailed comparative assessment of these issues.

Today's future prospects + performance + improvement are one-to-one comparison. Because the evaluation time is not enough, other comparisons will be released later.

Today we will first compare the improvements in appearance performance. Other comparisons are released later because evaluation time is tight.

            "Outer packaging" [Outer packaging]

Different type of dampening seaweed packaging, attached bag

It comes with a gun pouch, unlike the shock-absorbing Styrofoam packaging.

In addition, it is the old way of distribution.
eyeglass battery wood chip charger
Simultaneously delivered 36 rolls and 30 rolls
The same school as the eyeball has been published
Self-contained battery XT30 connector

The rest is Shijun's old recipe.
Eyeglass battery cassette charger 36 soft warheads and 30 cartridge cases

Subsequent coming is the main Kakuji is the appearance of the hero

Left view ( Two types of different rays) Left view (Two types of light)

Right View (Two Kinds of Different Rays)   Right figure (2 types of light)

"Exterior Parts" "Exterior Accessories"

2nd generation texture ratio in terms of machine box Hardness is very large.
The model should be used as a single item. However, there are many hardness requirements.
Hand-crafted Hakui is basically an impossible image.
I don't love this thing, but I have a request for a friend, and I beat it once O(∩_∩)O~

The texture on the case side is greatly improved compared to the 2nd generation hardness. The mold should stay the same. However, the hardness did increase considerably. I don't like hand-picking boxes, because the hand-picking wells are basically not as easy as two generations, but some friends say O(∩_∩)O ~

Metal triangular box Japanese machine box small metal triangular sight and cabinet small

metal centered metal bracket

This is a CQB machine that can't be obtained, and it's a heavy hand. I've seen a lot of old boyi's feelings. Single pack 200g.

The thing I have to mention about this CQB site here is that the weight is very convenient. It has an old Boi feel to it. The rear sight alone weighs over 200g.

Triangular belt, sleeve, triangular belt, front belt, taiyang ring, decoration tube, front and rear bow, card falcon, net ball, quick machine, ban desk, bow, back belt, heart, machine handle, electric box , after cqb equalization metal material. The color of the lacquer has been changed, and the machine has a clear division of black color.

Triangular aim, sleeve, triangular aim strap, front cover, sun ring, decorative air conduit, front and rear insertion pin, kayak, tennis racket, rapid reducer, flight, bow guard, buckle, pull, handle, motor bottom lid, cqb rear The aim button is all metal material. The color of the paint has also changed, making it clearly distinguishable from the black case.

Apply pressure sunshine,Open the fish bonePress the sun ring to open the fish bone

The lower half of the carcass has an internal metal piece that is thick and has a large amount. The game's predecessor

The metal strip inside the bottom half of the fish bone is thick and has ample volume. If you've played Shijun's previous products, you know this feeling.

A triangular point, starting from left to right. Comes with anti-slip texture.
Possible to see the canister up grade brass alloy material, two-step scale head length 6 cm left and right.

Remove the triangle aim and hit from left to right. There is a non-slip on the plug. The sleeve is upgraded with aluminum alloy material, and the length of the two-stage head segment is about 6 cm.

Tail about 20cm (including thread) Tail about 20cm (including thread)

The internal control is different from AEG. Length about 28cm

The inner tube is different from traditional AEG tees. about 28 cm long

High technology
Adjustable left/right
Suggestion function ought to be similar to HOP

At the head of the magazine, there is even more advanced technology. Adjustable left and right. Probably a function similar to upward rotation and HOP.

The internal installation method is different due to ldt's internal and external division, so it is directly inside the external jurisdiction, which is very convenient.

The inner tube is attached directly inside the outer tube, separate from the inner and outer ldts, making it easy to remove and install.

Directly available overseas.
The grip is the standard A2 grip, and the two sides have improved the anti-slip texture, but the stab is done. The bottom of the electric machine is a metal bottom, similar to the opening method, it is hard to grasp the version.

Shijun adopts the method of covering the outer tube directly. The grips are standard A2 grips with better anti-skid on both sides than before and not too much of a sting. The bottom lid of the motor is a metal bottom lid that opens in a manner similar to Kublai's military version of the grip.

Metal AEG structure core work battery factory, used XT30 head wire

The core of the metal AEG construction tray is used as the battery compartment. Uses XT30 head wire

Afterwards there is no weight. Adjusted weight: 2.8kg

The rear drag has no counterweight. The weight of the gun will be 2.8 kg.

Comparable box with a gift box, compared to the large tank. However, it is definitely not the same as the one you posted on the page. Of course, I agree that the amount of money is good and the box is affirmative.

Everyone has a lot of tsukkomi about Magap bullet boxes with attached guns. But it's not like those two shells of the cyst in the advertising color pages. Of course, I believe that if the sales are good, the bullet box will surely come out with another style.

Compressed by Nilong material, heavy weight. In front of the other side of the water, it's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time. Comparing ldt se box length no problem

The clip is made of nylon and is lightweight. Compared to previous water bullet clips, the length has been reduced to real guns. Comparing the ldt case length is fine (ldt magap sent to a friend so can't compare)

The performance of this portable box has not been improved, so I've noticed that it's going to be a good comparison, but it's not working at all.
A total of 30 posts, a box of boxes. Unbearable hand pain.
In the later years, friends and friends have reached the top of the air, and it is possible to hold a box.

The magazine's pressure and hold performance is quite good, and I felt it was smooth with no jams or holds so far.
With a full 30 rounds, the magazine spring is an easy win. It doesn't hurt when I press my hand.
If you have friends who are having trouble with the idling, it's a good idea to extend the spring of the magazine a little.

I have a lot of friends who are curious about this ldt.
The introduction is completely irrelevant, and the size of the self-contained dragon body is reduced by one point. However, if the card is not legal, it will not be possible to locate the card.

Here a lot of people are wondering if it is compatible with ldt mags.
Here's a simple interface I made.....
Insertion is no problem at all, just a little less than Halo's own nylon body frame. However, the peregrine falcon is not caught.
I think this can be solved by polishing the position of the magazine catch.

The two toy categories are very comparable to each other, and it is similar to the model used, but the model is not the same as the model. (Because it is possible, it is inevitable)

Regarding the cartridge case, there is a big difference between the two toys, Se uses a shape that looks like a real gun, while Shishun's case shape is not so real because it fires soft bullets. (You have to sacrifice to shoot)

This is a single phrase, because the front and back are roughly the same, the cut is a certain amount, and the back and forth can be reversed.

Here, remember that the thickness of the front and back of the case is the same, so the front and back must be clearly distinguished. Be careful if bridging can damage the tail of the bolt or sleeve.

Open the window, you can see the bolt
In front of the top, the interior walls are alloy primary colors.

When you open the shell window, you can see that the bolt Zijun is the same as the previous top, and the inner wall is alloy primary color.

bolt this riji is used by ldt
Bolt outside direction

bolt Here, Zhao Jun uses the same nylon shooting bolt as the ldt original factory, but the appearance is not much different from ldt

Due to the peculiarity of the top wave box, the bolt concave position is not correct.
The air travel is the same for both people, and the feeling is very suitable.
It is the steel system that is used by the master, and it is the same as the one that is used. Unquestionably enhanced service life

This is because the position of the peculiarity of the top wave box, the bolt recess, cannot be said to be the real thing.
Both strokes are the same and very comfortable.
The button that grabs the shell is made of steel and is the same as the egg sauce. There is no doubt that the service life is enhanced

Because the SE is split and fired functionally. Therefore, there is no gas hole. Director Chrysanthemum head department has one vent

Because the SE castrates the firing function. So there are no holes in the vents. There is a hole in the head of Shishun chrysanthemum flower to let air out.

The sound wave box is a high-marked steel alloy plus an SE. The landlord does not need to be blindfolded to see that there is an alloy. Ren He Metal City Demand Label. The strength of a high-grade steel alloy is affirmed by the steel.
The CNC steel used by Yuuo Yuuo, has been accepted by the owner of the company.

The whole corrugated box is the same high standard zinc alloy as the SE. Don't let your preconceived notions about zinc alloys go blind. You need to see the label on any metal. The strength of high specification zinc alloy must be greater than that of cast aluminum. If all the corrugated shells were cnc aluminium, I believe the price wouldn't please everyone.

Large iron at the front of the slaughter, extraction box.

Remove the large front pin and pull out the upper case.

When the machine is installed, there is a possibility that the machine may be damaged when the machine is installed. Of course!

When removing the plug, the cartridge plug has a rubber ring to prevent it from being over-tightened, damaging the cartridge and turning the right side together. Don't throw it away!

Remove the puller handle made of metal

We see the movement structure on the wave box equipped with the machine bolt

Attach the pull handle to the wave box and see the interlocking structure bolt boreback

air hook release video demo

Long screw-on blade for the tip, the core is removed, and the metal core is separated.

First, remove the cap holding the bracket with a long screwdriver to separate the metal bracket.

Understandable grip, grip bottom lid ratio, there are differences in the previous points, and it has been changed to preventive design. Motor

Disassembling the grip reveals that the bottom cover of the grip is slightly different from before, with a drop-proof design. The motor can be removed with a light push on the screw

Under the control of the electric machine, it is necessary to have a certain level of self-control. Unnecessary image I am alone, it is a miracle of great power. Only available for 100 pieces.

Be sure to grab the trick to pull out the motor pin by yourself.
Don't do miracles like I do all the time. Buy only 100 spares.

Take out 480 long wheel motor, the original metal motor ring.

Take out the 480 long shaft motor with the teeth of the original matching metal motor.

钀钉, grasp, 弹匣释release the key capital solution.
The master's basic city.

Pins, grips and magazine release buttons are all disassembleable.
I won't introduce the disassembly method one by one, so I think you can basically understand how to do it.

Lower box internal view Internal view of the lower receiver

left view of wave box left view of wave box

Wave box right view Right view of the wave box

System-marked electronic fire control,
It is currently possible to provide a single publication.
It's possible to have a practical airborne machine function.

Electronic fire control is standard equipment.
Enables stable single-shot and rapid-fire.
It can also be hung from an empty state.

There is a certain amount of attention required to install this line.

Attention must be paid to the wiring when disassembling and installing, and if the wiring is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

No internal gear

Needless to say, the built-in gear is standard with all-metal teeth.

"Range" range
Comparable to the boss's toys, the biggest advantage is shooting!

The biggest advantage of this great tit over other companies is that it can definitely be launched! (smile).

Inner diameter approximately 7.4mm
Can be used with a red-colored egg or a hand-made egg.

The inner diameter of the shell is about 7.4mm (7mm sponge bullet 7.5mm water bomb)

Dear friends, the most important point is to confirm that there is nothing to be done.

Muzzle velocity and range are undoubtedly your biggest concerns.

The range of the TOP system is anti-material, and it's just a direct-to-human morbidity.
From the previous official, transparent measurement and observation during the use approximate size "substance" initial speed possible standing 70 left and right

The range of the TOP system is constantly criticized even in BB.
From the official test video released earlier
The muzzle velocity of a similarly sized "hydrobomb" can be stabilized at about 70.

Use the home-attached key
The same value should be obtained with the 7mm sponge shell supplied by the manufacturer.

Rate of fire: 7.4v Reference rate of fire: 7.4v See video

11.1v video reference11.1v video reference

"Usage feeling" "Feeling"

Made by a toy that comes from the director. (low failure rate, unneeded and undemanding installation process)

Electric Blowback Sijun did a great job this time. (Low failure rate, arrived without troublesome installation work).

Grip feeling: The original is full of dragons, the feeling of the grip is much better than the previous one, due to the fact that it is multi-metallic. Re-adding gold wave distribution weight 10 feet, emergency hand.
枪击:Return the entire process, and the process is very smooth. At some point, there was a first two problems, and there was a situation that the handle was not released.
Pneumatic: Due to the fact that it has a large capacity, it is possible to start a small business because it is necessary to live in a small business. It's especially clear that it's not possible to solve the problem when it's airborne.
At the same time, under the circumstances of the intensive calculation, it is possible to use the machine as a weapon. Unnecessary comfort. Benefit from the supervisory support structure.

Grip feeling: Former factory all-nilong body, the grip texture is much better than before, due to the addition of many metal fittings. Add Kinba to it and the weight is enough and it is very convenient.
Shooting: Returned to the torso almost the entire way, and the torso throwing process was fluent. You can't grab two at a time, or a shell buckle for a while.
Emptying: Due to the softness of the original factory magazine spring, some dealers thought that they had to press the release button to get the emptying. The protrusion of the tennis racket when empty is not particularly obvious, and it should be possible to solve it by laying a mat in the later stage.
At the same time, even with full ammunition, you can easily pull the crank to raise the torso. Don't pull too fast. Thanks to Shishun's ammunition holding structure .

Defects " Disadvantages "

1: No special clarity when airborne.
2: Receiving the demand for a new container.
3: Completed HBL similar protection structure for electric gripping.

1: The swelling of the tennis racket is not particularly noticeable even when it is hung empty.
2: You may have to manually pull the magazine spring.
3: The motor grip is made to imitate the drop prevention structure of HBL.

"Summary" summary

This one-of-a-kind product, which I personally enjoy, is very popular, such as shooting training, game training, obstacle training, long and short interactive training, and video recording.

I personally think that such products have a wide range of uses, such as shooting training, tactical training, obstacle elimination training, length exchange training, and cinematography.

After that, this product can be seen by the individual LDT and has no collision, because of one power, one intense light, one self-assembled, one product. In response, there is a small amount of money left behind, and it is possible to enter all functions. However, if there is a positive homology, there is no dispute.

Second, I think this product does not clash with LDT. Because you can fire one laser, one self-assembled, and one finished product. For partners who are handicapped and don't want to spend a lot of money, they can buy Sijun to experience all the functions of se. But there must be comparisons and arguments in the same system.


-------------------- End of comment -------------------------- ----------------

  • Batteries must be installed according to the correct wire entry
  • Cartridges hurt your gun body
  • The reducer flashes when the clip is inserted in single or repeated shots, indicating that the gun circuit is in normal condition.
  • The correct way to operate is to pull the handle firmly.

Common problems and workarounds

  • No response to trigger pull Recocking the bolt requires a hard pull down and then release the bolt to ensure the bullet is cocked. If you don't let the cylinder return quickly, the internal switch won't get the signal to fire. If that doesn't help, check the cylinder position
  • After the first toss-up when the clip fills 30 cases, there is a possibility that the first case to pull the trigger will chuck. This is a spring problem inside the clip. We suggested that the clip should not be full at the time of the first tossing, and that the second clip should be connected and used when the first clip is used up. no problem
  • A leading card bullet phenomenon occurs during use, the clip is removed, the plug is pulled, and the cartridge case is ejected. If it is for anti-loading, there is no choice but to handle it with tools such as forceps

Battery precautions

  • Do not mix different types of batteries or old and new batteries
  • Remove from the gun when not in use for a long period of time


  • I will ship it after checking the operation etc.
  • We cannot accept returns other than initial defects. note that.
  • I don't think the structure of the product is complicated, but if it breaks down during use, please purchase it only for those who can repair it by themselves.

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